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Complete Online Ordering Website

  • Offer several different ways to order including curbside, takeout, dine-In, delivery and catering
  • Offer credit card or cash payment options
  • Use your own domain or sub-domain or use the URL we give you
  • Beautiful design that is consistent between pages
  • Theme customizer where you can change your logo, fonts, colors, and background
  • Limit delivery orders by geo-fencing or driving miles
  • Have your orders delivered by third party services like DoorDash Drive when they are ordered through AkiraCart
  • Receive your orders via web panel (using any device) or email (more options soon!)
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Packed with Features

  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited menu items with pictures
  • Inventory control, per location, meaning one location can have a different menu than another
  • Adjust the time it takes to complete items. These adjustments will show up as an estimation for order completion to your customers
  • Assign roles to your employees and give them the ability to track orders using our order queue
  • SSL certification / encryption
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
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Keep Your Customers

  • Offer coupons, discounts, and rewards
  • Give points to customers whom purchase often so they can redeem rewards
  • Offer user accounts with modern features like an address manager, re-carting features, and past order viewer
  • Allow your customers to opt-in to email promotions
  • Donation and fundraising features where your guests can donate towards a cause of your choosing
  • Sales stats and live analytics to keep track of what's popular
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Marketing Powerhouse

  • Design email campaigns for your guests, then schedule them to be sent whenever you want
  • Attach media to pages which will be viewed whenever your website is shared through social media
  • Blog features to help you rank higher in search engines
  • Appear higher in search rankings by using our SEO tools that cover every page
  • Link to your Google Analytics account to track conversions
  • Running a campaign and need an ad designed to promote your AkiraCart website? We can do that!
  • Receive print flyers for FREE once you've been with us 60 days
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Unique Features

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Friendly Customer Service

  • We will handle the setup, design, and configuration for you
  • You get a dedicated team whom will ensure that your restaurant is up & running
  • Need an item added or want to change your prices? We can help!
  • 99% up-time with redundant off-site backups and monitoring
  • Want a feature we don't offer? Submit a ticket and we'll try to get on that ASAP!

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