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API's and the REstaurant Industry

How APIs Can Help Your Restaurant Boost Efficiency and Drive Sales

With AkiraCart's well documented API, restaurants and businesses will be able to improve efficiency and productivity by integrating their online ordering system with their internal business systems. Read Full Article

Give your customers rewards with AkiraCart

Reward Your Customers For Their Continued Support

Customer loyalty programs are an essential tool for restaurants to retain their customers. These programs are a proven and effective way to get customers to frequent your restaurant more often. Read Full Article

AkiraCart provides a Kitchen Display System

Our Kitchen Display System & Order Queue Helps You Survive the Rush

We've integrated a Kitchen Display System and Order Queue System into Akiracart. These tools will help restaurants increase staff efficiency and reduce human error when managing orders. Read Full Article

Keep in sync with your Square POS using AkiraCart

Square POS integration with Akira Cart

Akira Cart has integrated with Square POS to bring more features to our customers whom use Square. We've done this to make it easier for our Square based customers to sync the online ordering sales they make with Akira Cart with their POS system. Read Full Article