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As a business, you are being left out if you have not established an online presence. Truth be told, a sturdy online existence is compulsory if you want to keep customers streaming in.

How do you build a strong online presence? SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO; Search Engine Optimization is revamping and optimizing websites enabling it to appear on search engines like Google when core words/keywords of your business are searched. The main aim of Search Engine Optimization is to bring in traffic to your business’ website. More traffic subsequently translates to sales and conversions.

For instance, in a search for “best restaurant near me”, your restaurant’s website will appear as a result on Google’s first page if it has been optimized with the keywords “best restaurant near me” or “best restaurant near you”. As an advantage, having an online ordering system like Akiracart will help your website rank better than your competitors.

Here are some strategies to help your website rank better…

People try numerous ways to help their websites rank better on search engines. Some of the best strategies SEO experts use to optimize websites are:

  1. Listing your business website on review sites.
  2. Keyword planning.
  3. Back-linking on other sites.
  4. Launching a blog on your website.
  5. Make your website mobile friendly.

1. Listing your website on review sites.

Having the website listed on review sites help improve your business ratings. Reviews come up in search results which helps in click through to your website. When your business is rated highly on review sites, Google could even display the ratings on search results. This results to more traffic to your website which translates to better sales and conversions.

2. Keyword Planning.

This entails defining target search terms and keywords that will lead to your website. This further means introducing those keywords on articles on your website for them to appear when they are searched. You must first select words and terms you think will allow your website to appear on the rankings. Using a keyword planning tool, verify that customers and clients are using these search terms.

3. Back-linking on other sites.

This involves link building where you have other websites link back to your site through mentions and links. Further, when a website links back to your website, Google identifies you as an authority on matter the website is talking about. This boosts your ranking which will bring in more traffic to your website. Remember that the more sites you have linking back to you, the higher the ranking.

4. Launching a blog on your website.

As a business, having a blog will improve and boost the SEO of your website. A blog could be descriptions of products and services you offer as a business coined in a catchy way. It further populates different keywords on your website improving its ranking.

5. Making your website mobile friendly.

With the majority of people using the internet through their phones, chances are that your clientele is more often on the phone that on a computer. This means that a responsive website is a must-have for you to drive traffic to your website. On the other hand, Google laid out a requirement for mobile trend; sites that are not responsive and mobile friendly are less likely to appear in search results.

What is Akiracart and how can it help me with SEO?

Akiracart builds bespoke ordering websites for restaurants, venues and businesses. Other than that, Akiracart includes a variety of SEO tools all of which are essential for a business ranking higher in search engines. These tools are built to help you:

  1. Increase your brand’s awareness.
  2. Boost website traffic.
  3. Foster customer interactions.
  4. Boost conversions and sales.
  5. Improve the business’ credibility.
  6. Gives the business a competitive advantage.
  7. Rank your business higher in search engines.

Our ordering websites are built with SEO in mind and contain the following features:

  1. SEO tools that cover every page to appear higher in search rankings.
  2. Attach media to pages which will be viewed whenever your website is shared on social media.
  3. Link with your Google analytics to monitor conversions.
  4. Blog features to help you rank higher in search engines by offering original content.
  5. Design email campaigns to be sent whenever you want.
  6. Live analytics and sales statistics so you can keep up with what’s selling.

What SEO services does Akiracart offer when I sign up?

Besides building an online ordering website for your business, Akiracart provides free Search Engine Optimization Services upon sign up. These services include:

  1. Best coding practices to help search engines crawl your website correctly.
  2. Keyword research and implementation within your content during the design phase.
  3. Site map generation to submit to search engines so they can begin crawling your website.
  4. Linking of images to pages which will appear on Social Media platforms when your pages are shared.

Search Engine Optimization is immensely important for any business that wants a firm online presence. Further, when handled by an expert, conversions and better sales will follow. Akiracart will help you rank better on search engines, which will in turn, boost your sales.

Interested in learning more? Here is a complete list of all the features Akiracart has to offer.

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